Charity dorsal


Raising money for charity can give purpose to running the Aguas de Alicante Half Marathon & 10K and serve as a goal to work towards.

If you’re running just for the sake of it, you may start to doubt yourself and feel tempted to give up when the going gets tough. You’ll be more inclined to get up and go training in the cold, wet winter months when you know you’re supporting a good cause.


Remember, when you run for charity you’re helping real people and changing lives. Why not run for a cause that’s close to your heart? Maybe there’s a charity that’s helped you, or a loved one, through difficult times?


As well as raising money, running for charity can help raise awareness. While you are running, hundreds of people will have received your contribution with your donation.

If you’d be interested in helping to raise money for the charities associated to our Charity Bib Number at the 26 th Aguas de Alicante Half Marathon&10K, please do not hesitate in making your donation before finishing your registration process.

Thank you for giving so much.

The Internacional Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

Red Cross answer against COVID-19 is a further sign of the global commitment of the international Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement worlwide.

Red Cross has launched an emergency appeal in order to help the most vulnerable communities in the world to stop COVID-19 spread and to recover from its effects.

Although we are facing a worlwide pandemic, it is still posible to diminish disease circulation and also the number of human lives it claims every day by improving the access to essential and crucial resources.

Thanks to the Red Cross plan RESPOND against COVID-19, there are, in Spain, almost one million people who will receive attention and telephonic accompaniment; 25.000 families will recieve basic goods; 16.000 people will be supported in terms of employment and 3.000 homeless people will have a place to sleep.

With this plan, Red Cross will reinforce its response system regarding Emergency, Health and Social Inclusion and besides, it will offer a comprehensive response in all its operating areas: Aid, Social Inclusion, Employment, Education and Environment.